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Omega Security Specialists was created in January 2015 to address the needs of a local public school administrator, who was concerned about student safety while on campus. The company augments local police departments during large community events when local resources are insufficient. The company has worked with local businesses to prevent loss and vandalism, and to improve the client's security posture.


Daniel is a U S Navy veteran and retired administrator with the Justice Department. He retired in September 2010 after nearly 32 years of government service.

During his career he worked with highly courageous individuals that the world will never know. Many of these did not survive more than 5 years into retirement. Leaving a high stress environment after 25 to 30 years, and not being able to apply the skills honed during service, the officers go home with a pension and typically are passed away within 5 years. This is unacceptable and the company seeks out those individuals to bring those skills back into the public. These skills are particularly useful in school systems where crowd movement and control systems are needed, and businesses where the officer's understanding of criminal thinking aids in loss prevention and vandalism.

Daniel is passionate about bringing those skills back into the public and providing those skills to clients who need a cost effective security company

Omega Security Specialists, Inc., is a fully licensed and bonded private security company, based in Oklahoma City. The company hires only retired Law Enforcement personnel to the security force. The officers average over 25 years law enforcement experience and have repeatedly displayed sound judgment in high stress situations. The company specializes in (High Profile) Armed Escort, Disturbance Control, Self Defense Instruction, Hostage Negotiations, Prisoner Transportation, and Active Shooter

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